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Check-ins with non-propagating tags:

22:24 [df839bb8c2] Release 0.5.3 (user: gwlester, tags: Release_0.5.3)
21:09 [36b5f24ce8] Working example and correction to _setAttribute logic (fix for [ff08074318]). (user: gwlester, tags: trunk, Release_0.5.3)
18:12 [d2a4c35cfa] Release 0.5.1 (user: gwlester, tags: Release_0.5.1)
18:11 [ee90660103] Fixed ticket [0275a61338] -- pyman import failing on picamera module. Changed import to ignore private and magic functions/methods. (user: gwlester, tags: trunk, Release_0.5.1)
05:36 [fddac880d1] Release Note for Version 0.5 of pyman (user: gwlester, tags: Release_0.5)
05:27 [a9112f2b6a] Added makefile to create module. (user: gwlester, tags: trunk, Release_0.5)