This is a simple Tcl/Tk program to enter categorized time.   Each time entry is done as a category and subcategory.  The data is stored in an SQLite Database. 


    • Each time entry is done as a category and subcategory.
    • Categories and subcategories can be dynamically added.
    • Standard Text can be inserted in comments, either via codes or picking from a list.
    • Reports
      • Four standard reports
      • User definable reports
    • Internationalization/Localization supported 
      • All labels can be changed.
This is primarily a personal tool, I think it is feature complete.   That being said, see Possible Features for a list of features that may be added.

Screen Shots


This software is released under a BSD style license, see the License file for details.

Documentation is available for the Database Schema.

The packages used by the program are listed on Required Packages.

Please see the Customization page for details on how to add custom reports or internationalize/localize labels.

Please see the Cloning page for help with cloning this repository.

Contributors are welcome.  Please submit any problems or enhancement suggestions via the Tickets system.