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Wordle Buster -- word search and statistics explorer

Usage: word ?-wordwidth n? ?word_file? Options: -wordwidth n Use words with n characters (default 5) word_file A file containing a list of words. Only words of the proper length will be used. (The default list is Wordle's official list)

This tool ("game"?) presents a display similar to Wordle. Words can be entered, but you must score the words manually. A second window displays 3 tables showing the frequency counts of letters in the word list, minus any words that don't match the scored word(s). There is a list of all letters and counts, and a list of letters & counts by column. The third table provides a means for you to try your own re (regular expression) filter to search for words matching the pattern. To provide multiple patterns, separate each pattern with a comma (,).

Pressing the "Play Game?" button will select the today's word. The day # will be shown in the window title, and scoring will be automatic.

Explore away! -Brian