DeDuper 0.6

Find duplicate files between sets of folders

This application provides a GUI to find and review duplicate files within the file system.

To use:

#*** DeDuper 0.6 ***#
Usage: deduper ?options? ?source-dir ... ?-, target-dir ...??
  -start               ::  Start the search for duplicate files
  -,                   ::  Separates source-dir list from target-dir list
  -wmode (tree|table)  ::  Choose ttk::Treeview widget or Tablelist widget. (default: tree)
  -showconsole /value/ ::  Open the Tk Console window.
                       ::  /value/ is one of "yes", "no", or "button". (default: no)
  -sizefilter /value/  ::  /value/ is a lower file size limit for consideration.
                       ::  Files smaller than this value will be ignored.
                       ::  The value format is a /number/ followed by B or K or M or G.
  -theme /value/       ::  /value/ is the name of a theme such as 'clam', 'alt', 'default', 
                       ::  or 'classic'
  --help               ::  Print this message

Part of the impetus behind this app was to experiment with delivering stand-alone applications using the built-in zipfs features of 8.7. Linux and Windows builds fine. MacOS still needs refinement with the packaging process.

Pre-built images can be found here:


This is very much a work in progress.