simple project wizard

a Prolog-based project generator

I thought it would be interesting to clone a small utility I did at work in a language setup for rules enforcement.

Short answer: the same code in Python was ~400LOC over Prolog's ~200LOC. More importantly, Prolog's design was cleaner as the Python program used sqlite as an intermediate format to allow querying. Likewise, representing facts are more elegantly represented as atoms than strings. Finally, the ability to easily create a standalone executable is a winner.

To build the PDF files, you'll need reasonably current versions of the following:

While the accompanying Makefile builds using for the project, you can create your own by overriding PROJECT in the make call. Beyond PROJECT, PROLOG, GROFF, DOT and PLANTUML can also be overridden.

Creating a new project is intended to be really simple (my goal was a 60-minute project planner for my own use) as you need to create a file for your project and add facts that represent your project to it. When creating project facts, ensure they represent a directed acyclic graph. Finally, subtasks have two unique behaviors--unless it's explicitly overridden, the owner will be inherited from the parent task and the state defaults to TODO. When setting up a project, you can set states for subtasks. Read the comments in to understand how the tasks' state will be aggregated based on the state of its subtasks. You can set the color used for the state in the graph as well as the text used to aggregate the state of a task as a rollup of its subtasks. NOTE: it's crucial to have at least two states as the second one will be used for the text when a set of subtasks don't all have the same state. Since Prolog evaluates tasks in order, it's crucial that the last task be the final one for the project so we can find critical path tasks. Finally, you can choose either a start or end date for generating your plan.


Credit: this page was crucial as it shows the mechanics of setting up a build system for a standalone executable.

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