KraView is a simple but highly efficient visualization tool for mathematical graphs. The main focus is not on features but on the possibility to display huge graphs (> 10^5 nodes and arcs). It has been developed with a specific application in mind, namely the visualization of large time-expanded networks arising in Train Timetabling applications.

The frontend tool is written in C++ with Qt5 and KDE Frameworks for the graphical user interface. The rendering is done with OpenGL.

The graphs are specified in simple plain text format that allows to specify several graphs and series of graphs in a single file.


KraView can be compiled with CMake. It also requires two of my libraries, which are included in the complete branch. Otherwise download both libraries to a `3rdparty` subdirectory in the project root. Then run the following commands:
  1. cd /path/to/source
  2. mkdir build
  3. cd build
  4. cmake ..
  5. make

This creates the KraView executable called kraview.

Description of the Grav File Format

KraView uses the Grav File Format developed for its predecessor tool GraView.

Description of the Grav File Format.