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Artifact ID: 233ab4c9f6facf355eeb317b06276ccb58df974b
Page Name:binconvert
Date: 2017-11-08 02:18:54
Original User: erikj
Parent: 29e7821cf4df3a79b65f6466db3bb60d109f3228


This package is in the process of being enhanced and re-hosted at Chisel. The process is expected to complete in November 2017.


Binconvert is a Tcl package that reads & writes EEPROM memory files in multiple formats (Motorola S-REC, Intel Hex, TI Txt, raw binary). Within Tcl, the information in the files is available for use as a Segment List, i.e. a list of segments in address/datablock pairs.


Binconvert is written for use with the pycco documentation generator in a literate programming style. Generated documentation can be found here and here..


Download the teacup file to your local system. From a command line in that directory:

teacup install

Example usage

set bindata [binconvert readFile srec inputFile.S28]
set bindata [you_can_process_the_data $bindata]
binconvert writeFile i16hex $bindata outputFile.hex