This package has moved to Chisel for all new development as of June 2019. The original hosting was on GitHub, and is still mirrored there, though it only reflects stable trunk updates.


AutoObject is a TclOO class-based package used to create auto-assembling objects that map a Tcl dict-style get/set interface onto a block of unstructured memory using simple descriptors. The key feature is that objects can be transparently serialized and deserialized to/from binary or byte list format, allowing them to be passed to or received from any interface that supports byte list/serial formats, while still being Tcl-intuitive to work with programmatically.

Past applications have included:

  • converting structured data to/from binary strings for COM interfaces to other languages,
  • structured access to message formats for serial communication, and
  • parsing of memory blocks retrieved from embedded targets.


Separate Installation files are not currently available. Once version 1.0 is stable, it will be released in (at least) .tm format.


Documentation auto-generated from the source code by Pycco can be seen at this link and is included in the repository.


See Usage Examples.