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To download zip archive of files in this repository, just follow this link:


If you have fossil installed then you can clone this repository with commands:

mkdir fos
mkdir fos/k11-player
cd fos
fossil clone http://chiselapp.com/user/dkoby/repository/k11-player k11-player.fossil
cd k11-player
fossil open ../k11-player.fossil

Youtube demonstration


    K11 is hardware multimedia player (*.ogg, *.mp3, ...).
    General features:

System tree

    Structure of "firmware" directory:

    ./config.mk                  Basic build configuration
    ./Makefile                   Root make-file.
    ./board                      Projects directory.
    ./board/boardN               Directory of "boardN" project.
    ./board/boardN/boardN.mk     Build configuration of "boardN" project.
    ./board/boardN/Makefile      Makefile for project "boardN".
    ./lib                        Directory with portable libraries that can be
                                 used by all or some of projects.
    ./util                       Directory with miscellaneous scripts/utilities
                                 used by build process.
    ./doc                        Miscellaneous documentation.

    In order for most of code to work BSS section should be initialized with zeros at startup.

    In order to build software of this project you need:
        * unix-like operating system
        * tcl interpterter
        * gcc toolchain 

    Build under windows not tested well.

    Modify config.mk to meet your needs. Then run commands:

        make depend
        make image

External libraries
    External libraries used in this project are (source code included in this project):
        darm          ARMv7 Disassembler               http://darm.re
        fat_io_lib    FAT16/32 File System Library     http://www.ultra-embedded.com
        TJpgDec       jpec decoder                     http://elm-chan.org/fsw/tjpgd/00index.html
    Unless otherwise noted, all programs, libraries and designs in this project is under GPL version 3.
    For licences of external libraries look for it's web site or/and source code.
    Operating system is under "The BSD 2-Clause License".