Mafia (iOS)
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Mafia is a game modeling the battle between the uninformed majority and the informed minority. It is based off of the game of the same name created in the USSR by Dimitry Davidoff in 1986.

This is the site for the iOS version of Mafia.


Players are secretly assigned roles in the game. Each role has either a town, mafia, or neutral alignment. Players do not know the roles of each other, except for members of certain groups, such as the cult, the mafia, and the masons. Every role has a goal, whether it is to eliminate all towns people, purposely get lynched, or simply survive till the end of the game.

The game follows a day / night cycle. During the day, players debate who is an enemy of the town, in an effort to lynch them by majority vote. During the night, players may perform a role specific ability to further their cause, such as performing a hit as a member of the mafia, or investigate the whereabouts of a specific player during the night.

The game ends when a role has achieved a game ending condition, such as eliminating all towns people. Some roles may win on a non game ending condition, such as purposely being lynched.


Mafia is targeted at mobile devices. The target operating systems are Windows 8 RT, iOS, and Android (in that order).