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This is a webservice that allows us to map US ZIP codes to a pair of

Usage is very simple, just query the service with a ZIP code as a parameter:

And receive the coordinates in JSON format:


Data comes from <a href="">GeoNames Postal Codes</a>. It is distributed as a plain text file. To build the MySQL database run the <tt>database/</tt> shell script. It'll download the required data, setup the database structure and import the data into it using MySQL's native load functionality.

Requires PHP with PDO and JSON support.

<h2>Nearest Location</h2>

A webservice to find the nearest location (for example the nearest office,
store, etc of a business) to the given location (typically the user's), either by coordinates or ZIP code, in the latter case using the ZIP2Coords webservice.

Locations are stored in the file <tt>locations.json</tt> in JSON format.

To use just query the service with either a ZIP code or a pair of coordinates: <tt>http://localhost/nearest/?zip=90210</tt> or <tt>http://localhost/nearest/?lat=40&lng=-73</tt>.

To get a response such as:

    "location": "Orlando",
    "URL": "http:\/\/localhost\/Orlando_FL.html",
    "distance": 198.46303408646,
    "latitude": 28.661653,
    "longitude": -81.354558

Requires PHP with cURL support and <a href="">memcached</a>.  To run the tests you need <a href="">PHPUnit</a>.
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