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**tclog** is a weblog application written in Tcl/Tk. This repository hosts a fork of the original project, which is no longer available on

# Screenshot

<img src="./doc/tip/doc/tclog-ttk.png">

# Features

* Generates static websites
* Uploads to FTP
* Wiki-like formatting rules
* Templates
* RSS 1.0 syndication
* TrackBack support
* Namazu index creation

# Get the code

## Tarball

* [v1.2.1 + FTP patch]( — the original code from 2004 patched to use passive mode FTP.

* [Latest]( — click "Tarball" to download.

## Fossil

    fossil clone tclog.fossil
    mkdir tclog
    cd tclog
    fossil open ../tclog.fossil

# More about tclog

See <>.
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