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Picol is a fun-size Tcl interpreter: the version in this repository is around 5.5 KSLOC.

Picol was originally written by Salvatore Sanfilippo in 2007 and then significantly extended by Richard Suchenwirth the same year. This fork, started almost a decade later, splits Picol into a C header library (picol.h) for embedding in applications and a REPL program (interp.c). It includes a number of new commands and fixes for correctness and Tcl 8.6 compatibility. Examples programs that embed Picol are can be found in the directory examples/.

Note that Picol is not intended for serious production use.

Getting the latest source code


Open the latest check-in and click "Tarball" to download.


fossil clone https://chiselapp.com/user/dbohdan/repository/picol/ picol.fossil
mkdir picol
cd picol
fossil open ../picol.fossil

Git (via the GitHub mirror)

git clone https://github.com/dbohdan/picol

Building and testing Picol

Go to the directory where you downloaded Picol and run

make test
make examples-test

More about Picol

See also

  • Jim Tcl (wiki) — Also started by Salvatore Sanfilippo, Jim is a small but full-featured embeddable Tcl implementation.
  • LIL (wiki) — A Tcl-inspired interpreter in a pair of .h/.c files that is similar to Picol in size.