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# What is this?
It is an attempt to weld fossil-scm and the kanban methodology based on a native fossil repository and one included code directory `<basepath>\.fossil-kanban` 

Testdrive: [fossil-kanban](

# How to get the code 
`C:\Users\charlie\Desktop\fossilspace>fossil clone fossil-kanban.fossil`

`C:\Users\charlie\Desktop\fossilspace>mkdir kanban`

`C:\Users\charlie\Desktop\fossilspace>cd kanban`

`C:\Users\charlie\Desktop\fossilspace\kanban>fossil open ../fossil-kanban.fossil`

# Development 
Requirements are listed [here](

# Readinglist

* [Best Fossil intro ever?](
* [Fossil SCM and Kanban - a popular topic! (video)](
* [Fossil SCM and Kanban - a popular topic! (pdf)](

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