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6 descendants of [a690e0857b]

[10191114a4] Leaf: Sync with personal repository Trivia: This is the first SHA3 commit for this repository (bashrc) - Prioritize Google Chrome and Chromium for web browsing. Also remove browsers that are no longer maintained or available - Add $HOME/vendor/bin to $PATH (emacs.d/init.el) - Add $HOME/vendor/bin to exec path - Add convenience function for disabling all minor modes in a buffer. Function courtesy of [1] - Enable sudo-edit-indicator-mode (tmux-[12].conf) - Bump up status left length to 38. This will help with displaying long hostnames Footnotes: [1] (user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2019.12, first-sha3-commit)
[63a21e56a4] Sync with personal repo (bash_bsd) - Remove old hacks (bash_darwin) - Remove old hacks (bashrc) - Remove YASTISBROKEN checks - Relocated aliases to individual files - Set bash history timestamp as appropriate (emacs.d/init.el) - Set GnuPG home directory - Install and configure hl-todo[1] - Install gnu-elpa-keyring-update[2]. Note that since not all packages in the GNU ELPA repository are signed, package signature checking is disabled - Install and configure the realgud[3] debugger - Do not insert deprecated @access tag when autofilling PHP function headers - Install and configure go-complete[4] (emacs.d/lisp/cmf-org-settings.el) - Switch to datetree. I still use GNU Emacs 25.3 on some platforms, so don't use new settings (emacs.d/snippets/*) - Standardize end-of-file comments (emacs.d/snippets/org-mode/svnbp) - There is no need to specify hypersetup twice (screenrc) - Update settings to allow screen to behave more like tmux Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] (user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2019.10)
[ec6721512f] Sync w/ personal repo ( - Regen (docs/ - Document PLSense setup - Bump copyright (emacs.d/init.el) - Recent versions of php_mode no longer require php-ext, so don't load it (emacs.d/lisp/cmf-org-settings.el) - Switch to using file+olp+datetree (user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2019.06)
[fbadd18174] Sync with personal public repository (*GNUmakefile) - Be sure to clean up additional files typically left over from a merge ( - Regen (bashrc) - Reformatting - Set up perl environment - Add alias for `ls -alh` (emacs.d/cmf-org-export.el) - Reformat (emacs.d/init.el) - Add ~/bin to cmf-path-list - Reformatting - Replace auto-complete mode with company-mode[1] - Do not install calfw sub-packages until calfw is utilized - Install and configure docker[2] and dockerfile[3] - Do not use melpa-stable version of emojify[4] as the regular version seems to support Emacs 26.1 without issue - Install and configure flyspell-correct-ivy[5] - Remove personal forecast api key and note where API key can be gotten from - Only install go-mode sub-packages when go-mode is loaded - Only install php-mode sub-packages when php-mode is loaded - Switch to using elpy[6] for Python development - Correct issue whereby any file with the word "SQL" in its full path would cause sql-mode to be loaded instead - Whoops, do not leak my twitter username - Add undo-tree-mode to conf-mode hook - Install and configure vue-mode[7] - Diminish which-key mode - Add subword-mode to yaml-mode-hook (emacs.d/lisp/cmf-org-settings) - Switch to using file+olp+datetree for archive location. This is the mode supported by Emacs 26.1+ (global-excludes) - Add - Add transient directory - Sort alphabetically ( - Update copyright to reflect new year - Add option for installing PLsense[8] for auto-complete functionality when editing perl files - Make quotes consistent - Sort Python packages installed alphabetically - Add setuptools-black to list of Python packages installed - Install and link tmux.conf file based on version of tmux(1) installed (thirdparty/git-completion.bash) - Update git completion and prompt scripts to v2.20.1 Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] (user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2019.05)
[f448cb6cd4] Sync (user: cfuhrman tags: trunk)
[d6ffa09537] Import latest changes from personal repo ( - Regenerated using org v9.1.9 as found in GNU Emacs 26.1 (bashrc) - whitespace cleanups (emacs.d/init.el) - GGTags now requires Emacs 25.1 or greater - Install and configure htmlize - Customize sml/read-only-char based on window system (emacs.d/lisp/cmf-org-settings.el) - Add mood to journal entries - fixltx2e no longer required (prompts) - Add promptCMF256() (thirdparty/git-prompt) - Update to git v2.17.1 (user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2018.10.12)
[a690e0857b] Import latest changes from personal repo (GNUMakefile) - Set rsync(1) timeout to 30 seconds (bash_darwin) - Switch /usr/pkg to /opt/pkg to make installation easier (bashrc) - Make sure /opt/pkg/bin is before /usr/bin on MacOSX. Also, there is no need to have /opt/schily/bin twice in our path - Use an alias instead of GREP_OPTIONS as GREP_OPTIONS is now deprecated[1] (docs/ - Note ShellPAK now support customization of GNU nano(1) editor - Update supported operating systems - It's OpenSUSE, not OpenSuSE - Add instructions for setting up pythong (emacs.d/init.el) - Add /opt/pkg/bin to cmf-path-list - Customize use-fancy-splash-screens-p for emacs version 24.5 (inclusive )-> 25.2.1 (exclusive) - Alignment fixes - Only customize height for when running Emacs under X-Windows - Add hooks via :hook declaration - Remove ac-ispell as it was causing too many issues to be useful - Remove popwin package as it was causing too many issues - Only install ace-window for emacs 24.4 and greater - Only install all-the-icons for emacs 24.4 and greater - Remove diff-mode customizations which were for popwin - Further customize flycheck - Only install gited for emacs 24.4 and greater - Bind gited-list-branches to C-c C-g - Swiper customizations for Emacs 26 - Install and configure markdown-mode - Install and configure org-fancy-priorities - Enable line up of cascading calls when editing PHP files - Set up Python development in Emacs - Add remote-url to VC-Fossil header - which-key requires Emacs 24.4 and greater - Customize org-crypt (emacs.d/shippets/sh-mode/bp) - Align copyright information (global-excludes) - Exclude the following from getting hosed: + .aggrev_defs + .python-environments + tramp ( - Add support for customizing python environment (thirdparty/git-completion.bash, thirdparty/git-prompt) - Import git completion and prompt scripts from git v2.15.1 Footnotes: [1] (user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2018.08)