Emacs Integration for Fossil

This mini-project is for integrating emacs into fossil. This needs a few changes into fossil and needs a new file to be loaded into emacs.

You need emacs version 23.1 or better. This definitely does not work with versions 22.*.

How Do I load Fossil support into emacs?

Short answer:

Add this to your .emacs file, or cut and paste this into *scratch* buffer and do C-x e to execute it.

(unless (memq 'Fossil vc-handled-backends)
  (push 'Fossil vc-handled-backends))
(load-file "/path/to/this/project/vc/el/vc-fossil.el")

To compile the file (with warnings) do the following

emacs -batch -q -no-site-file -eval '(byte-compile-file "vc-fossil.el")'
then you can load vc-fossil.elc, which should be nominally faster.

What changes to fossil are required

As of this fossil version:

7d2d1d3228232b1a1434e425f11008c043171263 2010-11-09 17:51:35 UTC

Fossil trunk (and therefore binaries after that date) support this package directly.

Future changes, if required, will be in the venks-emacs branch on the fossil repository.

What emacs keys do I need?

This integrates fossil into emacs vc builtin mode. The same keys will work for fossil inside a fossil tree as for other scms outside.

A few are:

C-x v d

Run Fossil dired - like cvs-examine
C-x v lWhen in a file, show log
vIn VC, do next action: merge/update/checkin