A Leaderboard generator to show student progress on assessments and classroom participation.


  • Libreoffice (to use the provided spreadsheet (1) )

    1. The leaderboard tool generates an HTML Leaderboard from CSV data in the expected layout shown below. Any tool that generates that CSV data in the correct layout will be compatible with leaderboard. The provided Libreoffice gradesheet-template.ods is mostly a convenience, not an essential element.

Development Dependencies:

  • The Tcl sdx tool (if you need to build your own kits)
  • A tclkit for your platform (if you want to run a bare kit instead of the pre-compiled starpack)


Download executables

  • Linux:

    • Copy the leaderboard executable to a directory in your $PATH.
  • Windows:

    • Copy the leaderboard.exe executable to a directory in your $PATH.

Libreoffice Gradesheet:

The libreoffice/gradesheet-template.ods file shows the expected spreadsheet layout. It also has several built-in macros to generate the Leaderboard, show the columns in various different views, and sort the students according to their Student Number, Name, Rank and Participation.


  • This file can be copied as needed or installed as a Libreoffice Spreadsheet Template for easier gradesheet editing.

  • It comes with an example sheet to show usage.

Supported Spreadsheet (CSV) Layout:

  • First line holds config fields:

    • A = School Name
    • B = Class Name
    • C = Minimum Assessments to receive passing grade
    • D = Total Number of Assessments (max = 10)
    • E:N = Assessment Weights
    • Q = Participation Weight
    • R = Maximum Participation score
    • S = Minimum required Participations (weeks of active involvement in class) this semester
  • The second line is blank.

  • The third line holds Table Headings:

    • School Order = Manual ordering override if school's electronic tracking system orders students other than by Student Number
    • Rank = Calculated rank based on Grade
    • Number = Student's Number
    • Name = Student's Name
    • Ass1 - Ass10 = Normalised scores (out of 100) for up to 10 Assessments
    • Grade = Calculated Adjusted total score (allowing passing grade of 60 if minimum number of Assessments attempted successfully)
    • Calc = Real calculated total score
    • Part = Calculated Participation grade
    • Sum = Calculated Total participation sum per student
    • 1 - N = Participation score (out of 10) for each week of semester (one column per week; max = 24 weeks (column AP))