snot: it looks quite a bit like snit, but it's not

The highlight here is modules/ a TclOO megawidget framework inspired by snit in less than a thousand lines of code.

A couple of megawidget examples are provided as well: modules/ is a port from the wiki, other widgets in modules/snots/ are also shamelessly adapted from snit widgets in the wiki or in tklib.

Some utility code lives in modules/fun/ which is used by snot but quite general in nature.

Tksh also lives here: a Tkcon-like console, but less crufty, written using snot. You can run tksh directly from a checkout:


Snot needs your feedback. The goal is to cover megawidget creation as well as snit, but in a pure TclOO environment where you don't have to remember whether to [self] or $self (and so on). Some incompatibility with snit is to be expected, but porting should be easy and features you need should work properly. Implementing snit's full type system is out of scope.

If you see anything missing, wrong or just unpleasant, please open a ticket. If you find yourself fixing or extending snot, please submit a patch.

Enjoy :).