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The Tcl/Tk transpops package displays popup messages. Fit for demos, though may be used otherwise.

The messages are read from a text file and after pressing a hotkey are shown one by one, in transparent mode. The most representative examples of the text files are in demos/alited/ subdirectories which result in alited's units demo, for example.

First called, the popup message is displayed under the mouse pointer. The following messages will be displayed at the same screen coordinates if not reset with an alternative hotkey.

The popup messages will be hidden at clicking them.

Also, you can draw on the screen, by means of drawscreen.

Note for apave package. The apave's showModal method includes a specific bind of Ctrl-Alt-0 keys to hide the transpops messages with these keys (because a modal window captures any clicks).

Runs this way:

package require transpops
::transpops::run transpops.txt wins ?events? ?fg? ?bg? ?events2? ?options?


License: MIT.