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The Tk color picker a bit changed.

The changes to tk_chooseColor are the following:

  1. The resizing of window is locked (supposedly the resizing makes no sense, at least in the current version of tk_chooseColor).

  2. The sizes of Tk color picker are changed for more usability.

  3. The 'Move all' checkbox is added allowing to move all (R, G, B) selectors simultaneously.

  4. The 'Tone moves' checkbox is added allowing to implement the toning feature for a current color.

  5. The RGBCMY and their tones are added, in separate color boxes.

  6. The -moveall (0 by defauls) and -tonemoves (1 by default) options are added.

  7. The chooser is themed now.

  8. A stand-alone Tk color chooser is available. Invoked with: tclsh tkclr.tcl.

Further details: