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What's that

This repo contains a bag of Tcl/Tk things.

They can be employed independently, as is.

Still, they are especially welcome in alited editor, as it needs them.

The below info is mostly about them used in alited.

Tcl/Tk docs

Q: How to get a context help on a Tcl/Tk command while using alited editor?

A: Just place the caret on a Tcl/Tk command and press F1 - and alited will display a man page for this command in a browser.

To enable this feature:


The alited editor can be used with a fully deployed Tcl/Tk of any version since v8.6.10, this way:

  tclsh ~/PG/alited/src/alited.tcl

or this way:

  wish ~/PG/alited/src/alited.tcl

However, you can also use a stand-alone tclkit instead of tclsh / wish (of the fully deployed Tcl/Tk), this way:

  tclkit ~/PG/alited/src/alited.tcl

Just download a tclkit corresponding to your platform and unzip it into some directory in $PATH.


Androwish builds

Like tclkit, vanilla Tcl/Tk is a stand-alone executable that can be used instead of fully deployed Tcl/Tk.

A lot of vanilla builds are available at Just select a vanilla wish corresponding to your platform.

The androwish vanilla builds contain a lot of additional Tcl/Tk packages which makes them so remarkable.

You need not install most of the popular packages while using an androwish's vanilla wish.

LUCK: Lean Undroidwish Construction Kit

LUCK provides a smart interface to build a stand-alone tclsh / wish, with your preferred packages.

Select a vanillawish corresponding to your platform. Then select packages to be included in the vanillawish.

In particular, to satisfy alited's requirements, you can select the following minimum of packages:

After selecting the packages, press "Generate binary" button. This will create and download your vanillawish.


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