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The screenshooter.tcl is a Tcl/Tk small utility allowing to make screenshots with a grid window covering a target spot of the screen.

This is a bit modified code made by Johann Oberdorfer:

A Screenshot Widget implemented with TclOO

Modified by Alex Plotnikov:


The modification is the screenshooter.tcl that:

 * restores the opacity in Linux at start
 * saves and restores options: -grid, -showgeometry, -topmost
 * saves and restores also window's geometry and directory to save
 * sets a pause to wait before the screenshooting
 * gets the focus at start, to enable Ctrl+s in Windows without clicking
 * disables "Save" menu item in Windows, because it's buggy (Ctrl+s works)
 * makes png by default
 * doesn't exit after canceling the Save dialog
 * closes wish on saving a screenshot
 * closes wish on exiting with Alt+F4 and Escape keys

The options are saved to ~/.config/screenshooter.conf.

There are also screenshooter executables for Linux / Windows.

Lisense: MIT.