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The apave package provides a sort of geometry manager for Tcl/Tk.

The apave isn't designed to replace the existing Tk geometry managers (place, pack, grid). Rather the apave tries to simplify the window layout by using their best, by means of:

The apave is implemented as APave oo::class, so that you can enhance it with your own inherited / mixin-ed class.

While APave oo::class allows to layout highly sophisticated windows, you can also employ its more 'earthy' descendants:

APaveDialog oo::class and APaveInput oo::class that allow you: to call a variety of dialogs, optionally using a "Don't show again" checkbox and a tagged text to use a variety of widgets in dialogs, with entry, text (incl. readonly and stand-alone), combobox (incl. file content), spinbox, listbox, file listbox, tablelist, option cascade, checkbutton, radiobutton and label (incl. title label). to resize windows neatly (however strange, not done in Tk standard dialogs)

The theming facility of apave is enabled by ObjectTheming oo::class which embraces both ttk and non-ttk widgets.

At last, a stand-alone dialog allows not only to ask "OK/Cancel" or "Yes/No" returning 1/0 but also to set environment variables to use in shell scripts.

Along with standard widgets, the mentioned apave classes provide a batch of following 'mega-widgets':

Also, apave provides a bundle of nice little things like:

In fact, apave has been intended for those programmers who (like me) are too lazy in order to dig in the endless interference of grid and pack, the widget pathes and, most dreadful of all, the belated modifications of GUI.

Below is a screenshot of alited developed with heavy usage of apave package:

... and its localized and themed variant:

... and its themed variant on MS Windows 10:

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