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What's that

It's a batch of Tcl/Tk themes used in alited editor.

The batch contains awthemes-10.4.0 theme by Brad Lanam. The theme was modified as for scrollbars (colors at hovering and hovering not).

Also, the batch contains a bit modified themes made by rdbende:

The modifications are mostly about:

At last, the batch contains two themes (light and dark):


The awthemes themes by Brad Lanam are used as follows:

package require awthemes

# for the dark theme:
package require ttk::theme::awdark

# for the light theme:
package require ttk::theme::awlight

The themes by rdbende are used as follows:

# azure light:
source azure/azure.tcl
set_theme light

# azure dark:
source azure/azure.tcl
set_theme dark

# sun-valley light:
source sun-valley/sun-valley.tcl
set_theme light

# sun-valley dark:
source sun-valley/sun-valley.tcl
set_theme dark

# forest light:
source forest/forest-light.tcl
ttk::style theme use forest-light

# forest dark:
source forest/forest-dark.tcl
ttk::style theme use forest-dark

The radiance and darkbrown themes are used as follows:

# radiance:
source radiance/radiance.tcl
ttk::style theme use radiance

# darkbrown:
source darkbrown/darkbrown.tcl
ttk::style theme use darkbrown

An example of usage is test.tcl. It requires apave package.

In alited editor, the themes are used along with color schemes (see ini.tcl of alited source). The color schemes are provided by apave package.



Below is a screenshot of alited with sun-valley dark theme, in MS Windows 10: