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The excellent Fossil SCM is so distinguished against the general background (most often for the better) that it is incomprehensible why this system is still underestimated in the IT community.

In question is not the quality of Fossil - it is the highest - but the ways of presenting it. And it's here the issues come.

The issue #0.

The software behemoths can only use those VCS that can satisfy their behemothic appetites. As a result, those VCS are delivered to every home as "a must". Though you need to be behemoth to use those VCS in full.

So, it's a real issue for those intended to be behemothic.

If you are not a behemoth and have no desire to be of this type, you can easily do without those fat meals served for begemoths. It means less dependence, less 'learning curve', less headache. It means more mobility, more time, more health. It means you can do it with Fossil SCM.

So, it's a zero value issue for those intended to be non-behemothic.

To be honest, there are real issues with Fossil SCM and its hosting sites, including the most known chiselapp.com.

To sort and hopefully to help in solving the issues, this page was made.


How to chisel at chiselapp.com     Как ваять на chiselapp.com