This year we will be "running" two distinct but related contests. We will announce/show the results at the banquet.

The attached files are the basis for the contests.

Contest #1 -- "Risk" playing Bot

Create a robot to play a "Risk" like game using SampleBot.tcl as a starting point.

Robots will play a double round robin. Starting at "high noon" on Wednesday. In each match a robot will be awarded points as follows:

Winner on pure points.

Contest #2 -- Display of BotGame

Write a program to display the "log" of a game (you can modify the RunGame.tcl to output whatever you want as a log) either via Tk or HTML/JavaScript -- the "driver" has to be Tcl based. See the WorldMap files.

Winner(s) to be judged by artistic merit (whatever that means).

To run:

    tclsh8.6 RunGame.tcl gameName gameDir mapSpec bot_1_name bot_1_path
    bot_2_name bot_2_path


    gameName - name of the game
    gameDir - directory game files are in
    mapSpec - map specification file (i.e. WorldMap.tcl)
    bot_1_name - name of bot #1
    bot_1_path - command to launch bot #1
    bot_2_name - name of bot #2
    bot_2_path - command to launch bot #2

This is all based on http://theaigames.com/competitions/warlight-ai-challenge

Now contains all the files we got from Gerald, with some changes, namely

All in all having these infrastructure script should allow us to focus on writing a bot, and not on writing helper scripts.