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mustache-installation - Mustache - The Installer's Guide

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Welcome to the Mustache project for Tcl, written by Andreas Kupries.

It provides a set of five related Tcl packages for the parsing and rendering of mustache-style logic-less templates, plus an application for easy command-line access to the functionality.

For availability please read Mustache - How To Get The Sources.

The audience of this document are anyone wishing to build the Mustache project, for either themselves, or others.

For developers intending to work on the packages themselves we provide additional documents, please see the section for Related Documents.

Please read Mustache - How To Get The Sources first, if that was not done already. Here we assume that the sources are already available in a directory of your choice.



This project requires a working installation of Tcl 8.5, or higher.

Use whatever you are comfortable with, as long as it provides Tcl 8.5, or higher.

An easy way to get a proper installation of a recent Tcl 8.5, (which I recommend) is to download and install ActiveState's ActiveTcl 8.5 for your platform. Just follow the link and instruction on that site.

After the installation of ActiveTcl 8.5 simply run the command

teacup update

This will install a lot more packages than found in the distribution alone. (Disclosure: I, Andreas Kupries, did work for ActiveState until 2015, maintaining ActiveTcl and TclDevKit).

Do you wish to build Tcl on your own ? The sources of all versions can be found at

together with the necessary instructions on how to build it.

If there are problems with building, installing, or using Tcl and its packages please file a bug against Tcl, or the vendor of your distribution, and not mustache.


The framework uses the TclOO package in its implementation. This package requires Tcl 8.5 or higher.

In Tcl 8.6 the package is part of the core itself, without requiring a separate installation.

For Tcl 8.5 it has to be installed separately.

Out of the many possibilites for getting TclOO (OS vendor, os-independent vendor, building from sources) use whatever you are comfortable with.

For myself, I am most comfortable with using ActiveState's ActiveTcl distribution and TEApot.

See the previous section (Tcl) for disclosure and information on how to get it.

Assuming that ActiveTcl got installed running the command

teacup install TclOO

will install the package for your platform, if you have not done the more inclusive

teacup update

to get everything and the kitchensink.

For those wishing to build and install TclOO on their own, the relevant sources can be found at together with the necessary instructions on how to build it.

If there are problems with building, installing, or using TclOO and its packages please file a bug against TclOO, or the vendor of your distribution, and not mustache.


This project uses the Kettle application and package as its build system.

Please go to either the main repository at or the backups at and and follow the instructions given at these sites to create a working installation. They are not repeated here. If there are problems with these instructions please file a bug against the Kettle project, and not Mustache.

Build & Installation

Mustache uses the Kettle application and package to handle building and installation. It is assumed to be installed and working. Please see section Kettle in Requisites for more information.

Note that all access to Kettle is mediated by the "build.tcl" script, found in the top-level directory of the project.

For the most basic installation of Mustache run

% /path/to/mustache/build.tcl install

This command uses the kettle application found in the , and the associated tclsh.

The command builds all packages and applications of Mustache, and then installs them so that the associated tclsh has access to them. Any applications will become siblings of tclsh.

For more control about which version of kettle and/or tclsh gets used run either

% /path/to/kettle /path/to/mustache/build.tcl install

or even

% /path/to/tclsh /path/to/kettle /path/to/mustache/build.tcl install

to specify the exact files to use.

On Windows it is possible to invoke the the file "build.tcl" with a double-click. This will start a graphical interface to the system, with buttons for all the possible actions, which includes 'install'ation.

On unix the same GUI is acessible by invoking "build.tcl" with the arguments gui, i.e. as

% /path/to/mustache/build.tcl gui

To get help about the methods of "build.tcl", and their complete syntax, simply invoke "build.tcl" like

% /path/to/mustache/build.tcl gui

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Bugs, Ideas, Feedback

Both the package(s) and this documentation will undoubtedly contain bugs and other problems. Please report such at Mustache Tracker.

Please also report any ideas you may have for enhancements of either package(s) and/or documentation.


logic-less templates, mustache, templating


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