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50 check-ins occurring around version-2.15.2.

Replaced a couple of blob_append() with blob_append_escaped_arg() so that a diff-command setting with spaces in the path will work, as discussed in [forum:/forumpost/29e7250723461d18 | forum post 29e7250723461d18]. (Bug: this would include any flags to the diff-command as part of the include, which obviously won't work.) Closed-Leaf check-in: dcbc8ba9fc user: stephan tags: mistake
/announce page: add an explicit ACTION value for the form so that a 'to=...' URL parameter does not end up shadowing the 'to' field of the form and causing the announcement to be sent to the URL-provided address even if that form field is edited. check-in: 2fa43ef4fb user: stephan tags: trunk
Preserve the C89 compatibility of pikchr.c by using MSVC C89 implementations of rint() and snprintf() with older MSVC versions Leaf check-in: 6429a4bdc2 user: ashepilko tags: test-msc89
Add a test program for MSVC C89 implementations of rint() and snprintf() check-in: c945679735 user: ashepilko tags: test-msc89
Fix the C89-style related declarations; add a gcc warning to flag such issues, in case these slip through again check-in: da9f362015 user: ashepilko tags: trunk
Update to the "how the download page works" document to talk about how Source Tarball links are now computed on-the-fly. check-in: 8f4fd8c1d8 user: drh tags: trunk
On the /cachestat page, provide a link to the timeline check-in context for the origin of each item in the cache. check-in: 61c33f67b3 user: drh tags: trunk
Internal docs: removed outdated references to skn_NAME paths. check-in: 9d845ebb00 user: stephan tags: trunk
Show the exact size of each cache entry in the web cache status page. check-in: 45e11fe4c5 user: drh tags: trunk
Improvements to the "fossil cache" command. check-in: e0ebe6f033 user: drh tags: trunk
Do not allow links with "../" substring or '<' character. The former enforces that the link maps into a repo-local page; the later enforces defense against injection of malicious HTML elements. Leaf check-in: 6261c94b1e user: george tags: rptview-submenu-paralink
Merge from trunk check-in: f445855917 user: george tags: rptview-submenu-paralink
Merge from trunk Leaf check-in: cea36e6c86 user: george tags: wcontent-subsets
Merge from trunk Leaf check-in: 1cf5c43ea5 user: george tags: th1-doc-vars
Factored out an extraneous var from [1bb06c94]. No functional changes. check-in: e0686dda41 user: stephan tags: trunk
An improved matcher algo for [76916757] and a slight padding adjustment of (.mainmenu a) elements in the default skin to work around a Firefox-specific quirk where the active link underlining did not appear. check-in: 6d9ac907e5 user: stephan tags: trunk
Corrected the is-active marking for the current page's main menu entry in skins which do such marking. It was mismatching other entries when the current page's path was a prefix of an inactive menu entry's path, as reported in [forum:/forumpost/c3d646ab0ad1a4c0 | forum post c3d646ab0ad1a4c0]. check-in: 769167578b user: stephan tags: trunk
Cherrypicked [2ee87308], which was intended for the trunk. check-in: 6456fab6fe user: stephan tags: trunk
The SCRIPT argument to the test-th-eval command may now be a file name or a script string. (Edit: closing branch - we have yet to find a compelling use for this feature.) Closed-Leaf check-in: 2ee8730870 user: stephan tags: chat-user-last-seen
Update the "Latest Release" information on the homepage. check-in: f8f54535d5 user: drh tags: trunk
Merged in trunk for SSL improvements and deployment to test server. check-in: 422323618e user: stephan tags: chat-user-last-seen
xekri skin: recolor links in fossil-PopupWidget elements so that the links are visible. check-in: d2c8ba0f66 user: stephan tags: trunk
/chat: in the popup which is triggered by tapping a user's name add a link to the /timeline filtered on that user, per suggestion by Sean in the forum. check-in: b71be5ef36 user: stephan tags: trunk
Update the change log for the TLS security patch. check-in: 3c1a27646c user: drh tags: trunk
Increase the version number to 2.15.2 Leaf check-in: 7cfd58d771 user: drh tags: branch-2.15, version-2.15.2
Increase the version number to 2.14.2 Leaf check-in: fb3938ee09 user: drh tags: branch-2.14, version-2.14.2
Fix the client-side SSL connection setup so that it actually verifies the hostname on the certification from the server. check-in: 8126093ee9 user: drh tags: branch-2.14
Fix the client-side SSL connection setup so that it actually verifies the hostname on the certification from the server. check-in: 7d85e21fd2 user: drh tags: branch-2.15
Fix the client-side SSL connection setup so that it actually verifies the hostname on the certification from the server. check-in: aaab2a15d1 user: drh tags: trunk
Update the built-in SQLite to the latest 3.36.0 beta, including the bug fix to the authorizer callback such that it uses SQLITE_DROP_INDEX, not SQLITE_DROP_TEMP_INDEX, for attached indexes. check-in: a9917d4fc7 user: drh tags: trunk
Indentation level fix on the previous patch (style change only). check-in: b18c06e87a user: stephan tags: trunk
Allow DROP INDEX and DROP VIEW through the ticket-schema authorizer. Enhance the test-db-prepare command so that it can use the ticket-schema or report authorizers for testing purposes. check-in: c717f1ef9a user: drh tags: trunk
Add reminder hints to the authorizer function header comments about how to test those functions using the "test-db-prepare" command. Closed-Leaf check-in: b594f486ef user: drh tags: tktschema-allow-drop
Doc typo fix. check-in: 323e3dfcbd user: stephan tags: tktschema-allow-drop
test-db-prepare command: added --auth-report and --auth-ticket flags to install either the report or ticket schema authorizer for purposes of testing the given statement preparation. Basic sanity tests pass but needs more testing. check-in: 1bb06c94d6 user: stephan tags: tktschema-allow-drop
Per /chat discussion: reopenened branch, merged in trunk, removed this branch's DROP TABLE option (potential data loss risk) but kept DROP VIEW/INDEX (no permanent damage can be done with those). Not yet ready for merge: addition of test code to run against the SQL authorizers is pending. check-in: 02226325b6 user: stephan tags: tktschema-allow-drop
Update the built-in SQLite to the first 3.36.0 beta. check-in: 3bb3c516f1 user: drh tags: trunk
/chat: experimentally render a list of users ordered by most recent activity. Until/unless we can find a useful function for the list, though, it's really just a somewhat pretty screen space hog. check-in: c7ee6f4ef1 user: stephan tags: chat-user-last-seen
/chat now experimentally keeps track of the timestamp of the most recent message received from each user so that we can eventually integrate that information into the UI to provide a list of currently-active users (noting that we have no way of tracking the existence of lurkers). check-in: be07b8d137 user: stephan tags: chat-user-last-seen
Minor /chat-internal doc tweaks. check-in: 994bec3637 user: stephan tags: trunk
Squelch /chat poll timeout errors in the dev console unless an internal debugging flag is enabled. They're an expected error case and generate lots of console log entries. check-in: 1eddedeaec user: stephan tags: trunk
Squished a few minor errors on www/javascript.md check-in: 641a02c8f3 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Add support for submenu parametric hyperlinks for /rptview and /wiki pages. Closed-Leaf check-in: 9690fc39dc user: george tags: not-allowed.
Add a note to the Changelog. No code changes. check-in: 528d628947 user: george tags: rptview-submenu-paralink
Move the test for forum post ahead of the plink test in the /info page, because things other than check-ins can now appear in the plink table. [forum:/forumpost/52587290b9493eab|Forum post 52587290b9493eab]. check-in: 81ab30272e user: drh tags: trunk
Up the version number to 2.16, as we are getting close to wanting to do a release. check-in: a01df78c31 user: drh tags: trunk
Update the built-in pikchr.c to the latest version that supports alternative spellings for "<-", "->", and "<->" tokens. check-in: 76e421bbd5 user: drh tags: trunk
On the forum post reply page, add a link back to the original post and its source view, as discussed in [forum:/forumpost/cf716a7ff8 | forum post cf716a7ff8]. Changed the forum post link/source links to use %!S instead of %S to determine the links' hash lengths. check-in: 62f0ce8374 user: stephan tags: trunk
Extracted point 5 of the whyallinone doc, moving it out of the list of "good reasons why bundling other project management features with the DVCS might be useful" to the end of the doc, since it is not one of those "good reasons". It just explains that no one's forcing you to accept all of these benefits. check-in: ba9e50de58 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Tightened up a paragraph in point 8 of the new whyallinone doc to be less redundant, both within itself and with respect to the surrounding material. check-in: 216ef76e70 user: wyoung tags: trunk