Fossil Git Import

Fossil Git Import

This tool allows you to transform a git repository into a fossil repository. It does so by using the 'fast-export' sub command of recent git releases.

Please Note:

  1. Previous versions of fossil are missing the 'reconstruct' command that this script depends on. Please use a current release
  2. Currently this script does not work on MS Windows because of limitations in the Windows file system.

To Clone:

fossil clone git_import.fsl

At present it ignores several things:

Both of those are things which may be fixed in a future release, at present, however, it's usually sufficient to recreate the tags and branches by hand.

You can get started with it by cloning this repository and running: <path to git checkout>

By default it transforms the resultant git-history.txt into a series of artifacts under artifacts/.

You can control the output directory by running it like so: <path to git checkout> <artifacts dir>
If the directory doesn't exist, it will be created for you.