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  • To contribute you can contact me at aurelien DOT bondis AT gmail DOT com.

  • If people start to use LCD, I’ll start a mailling too.

  • You can also create tickets as anonymous.

How it works

  • there are 2 shell scripts and one config file to run lcd


    It is a wrapper around actions (see section Actions), it sources lcdenv, runs initlcd and then the action


    the config file, has the lcd repo’s url, fossil’s binary url, sets the path and a few other things


    installs fossil on the remote and clone the repo


  • actions are just a simple script to do an action (ie add a vhost, install package …)

  • here is an action structure. replace ACTION by the actual action’s name. Required

ACTION/ACTION:: it is a script as generic as possible. It is the same kind of script you would run locally to automate you actions on you computer. it can also call lcd to do other actions (ie: lcd localhost package install cowsay)


is used to ensure an action will not run if everything is already done. It is used by the script to check a machine’s status


is a script that sets the regex value. This value is used to search and replace the action into $lcdlog/USER@HOST.