p36-lib  p36-lib


P36-lib is a small library that provides utility functions and some extra batteries to Common Lisp.

The package is divided into a few separate sub-packages to keep things organized and neat. The sub-packages are:

  • :p36-ansi: ANSI terminal control.
  • :p36-files: Utility routines for handling pathnames and files.
  • :p36-time: Utility routines for handling dates and times.

The rest of the code (the stuff in the :p36-lib package) is a mix of binary I/O functions, string utilities, some things to bridge the differences of various Common Lisp implementations, and some other things I found useful.

How do I get set up?

  • Clone the repository locally
  • Use ASDF to load the system inside of your Lisp implementation (e.g., (asdf:load-system :p36-lib))
  • Read the Wiki to see how to use the library