midi123 is a command line MIDI player and MIDI->WAV converter that uses CL-MeltySynth for its audio engine. It has minimal dependencies and is written entirely in Common Lisp.

Releases and AppImages for x86-64 Linux systems can be found on the Releases wiki page.

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Example videos

Example Usage

# Play a MIDI file using a SoundFont, and stop after it finishes.
$ midi123 -s TimGM6mb.sf2 "24 - I Choose the Stairs.mid"

# Play a MIDI file using a SoundFont, and loop at the end.
$ midi123 --loop -s sc-55.sf2 "11 - Goin' Down the Fast Way.mid"

# Render multiple MIDI files to WAVs in parallel.
$ midi123 --render -s "Arachno SoundFont.sf2" "15 - Spray.mid" "07 - How'd I Do.mid"

# Show the help information.
$ midi123 --help

# Show version information
$ midi123 --version

Notable Features

Building from Source

Check out the Building page for instructions.


Links and Licenses

midi123 is under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3.