Dialab now in chisel: https://chiselapp.com/user/LuoChunlei/repository/dialab

Dialab is not the diagram's application, although it looks like, it is from the begin.
I's main purpose is to browse and view the diagram; and you can modify it and look at the diffrence.

It has the following features:
1. browse a directory for *.dia files
2. include examples from diagram, pt of Tcllib, critcl, Kettle, Mustache
3. preset favorite directories in favoritedirs.cfg under directory of the script, [pwd], [info nameofexecutable]
4. use wheel to zoom, you also can scroll
5. Shift+Return to view you tested in the editor
6. the dia script run in main interpreter, so no safe security

1. drawpikchr method, preprocessor/macro
from syntax sugar direct run pikchr script, need implement, ele: file, dot, oval, print, round rect. att: same as, chop, fit, big/small, %. comment: //, /**/. go direction even with place.
thickness attribute
oval cylinder file dot
units other than inches: pc -> picas
new uses for "radius"
enhanced ability to control text alignment and display
Adjust the size of objects to fit their text annotations
chop works differently
the same as construct
new ways to describe line paths
new syntax to describe positions
new ways to identify prior objects
support for C and C++ style comments
variable names start with "$" or "@" characters
New assignment operators for variables: += -= *= /=
New keyword aliases: invisible vs invis, first vs 1st, previous vs last
New variables: bottommargin, chrht, chrwid, color, fill, fontscale, leftmargin, margin, rightmargin, thickness, topmargin
[] block

2. pikchr script -> pikchr -> tinydom -> svg2can -> canvas draw
from your sqlitepikchr example, some pikchr example throw exceptions. I can only find that pikchr print command and attribute big throw exceptions.

tklib::diagrams should through syntax sugar can run pikchr script
to compete with pikchr, the best solution implement a method drawpikchr, which can compatibly run pikchr script.
at least we can implement the innovations of pikchr. file, oval, dot, cylinder element; same, chop, radius new explain; fit, %, behind new attribute
transplant pikchr document to diagram