Ron Mode  Ron Mode

RON Mode

Syntax highlighting for Rusty Object Notation (RON)

Install (more options coming soon)

Vanilla Emacs

This package is in the MELPA repository.

  1. If you have not already, add it using this guide:
  2. Then, install Ron Mode using M-x package-install RET ron-mode RET
Emacs Prelude

Open a Rust program. This package should be automatically installed along with the packages for the Rust programming language.


NOTE: This package is only available in the develop branch.

  1. Open your .spacemacs dotfile (SPC-f-e-d in vim mode) and add rust to your configuration layer list.
  2. Reload Spacemacs with SPC f e R. You should now be able to work with RON files

This project is mirrored to Git in order to get MELPA to work. The mirror can be found at