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Page Name:Lambda Calculus
Date: 2012-04-26 15:41:36
Original User: bill
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Note: Work on Leisure has been moved to Github. If you have cloned it from or elsewhere, please sync with the Github repository (and verify with that repository that there is no additional forwarding information :) ).

Although the rest of this may be out of date, by now, this repository should still work as it had.

Lambda Calculator Fossil repository

By Bill Burdick (bill dot burdick at gmail dot com)

(BTW, Fossil is like Git) Notes

This started out as maybe a little more than three implementations of untyped Lambda Calculus in JavaScript:

The virtual machine is still a bit buggy :).

The current plans are to make this into a Lambda Calculus-based language, called Lazp that supports metaprogramming (eval, parser macros)

Work in progress...

Demo and Notes

Here are some overview slides and here is a video of the talk

Here is the calculator, which runs out of your browser.

Clicking the "Run" button compiles all of the LC code to JavaScript and runs the selected one. The "Reduce" button shows the intermediate alpha, beta, and eta reductions required to reduce an LC expression.

There is a small version of Space Invaders, written in Lambda Calculus, here: It's also available in this repository, but the image links work better from a regular web server. It's not finished, yet :)