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Clojars project

A Clojure extension to make working with JavaFX simpler and more idiomatic. It allows you to naturally work with stock JavaFX components through use of extended protocols. Should a feature be missing you can easily extend ClojureFX in your own codebase or just fall back to standard JavaFX methods.


Take a look at the ClojureFX Manual.

FXML loading and controller generation

(require '[clojurefx.fxml :as fxml])

(defn stage-init [instance] ;; Every function called from JavaFX gets handed the controller instance.

(def maincontent (fxml/load-fxml-with-controller (io/resource "fxml/mainwindow.fxml") ;; Load an FXML file
                                                 'example.core/stage-init))           ;; and define the namespace and init function.

Declarative UI programming

(def superbutton (compile [Button {:text "Close"
                                   :action #'close-handler}]))

(compile [VBox {:id "TopLevelVBox"
                :children [Label {:text "Hi!"}
                           Label {:text "I'm ClojureFX!"}
                           HBox {:id "HorizontalBox"
                           :children [Button {:text "OK"}