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14 check-ins

[ea5ebf2707] Leaf: Niced namespacing. I'm finally not worried about it! Things are working out just fine. Code is art. (user: tags: trunk)
[f23c7c55f4] Kiss me I'm Irish. Using more easily documented `namedtuple` sub-classes for containers in `aniracetam.http`. I finally implemented `get_http_headers()`. (user: tags: trunk)
[fe90a34325] Got it together a bit. I'm worried I'm going to die of some illness. A mold-related illness. This is probably irrational. I want to visit Uruguay before I die.. (user: tags: trunk)
[c6e8f7b1f5] We got some Callables, get'em right here! I got some shit done, namely implementing `get_request()`. It isn't finished yet, but I have some of the basic primitives worked out. \#Lost is blowing my mind! (user: tags: trunk)
[7068c8167c] Wouldya make some god-damn sense for once! (user: tags: trunk)
[6abd82d5ae] You wouldn't know it but tools are useful! This might actually work now that I have something that tells me when I fuck up. Thanks JetBrains! (user: tags: trunk)
[2e301bee32] Cleanup and restructuring (user: tags: trunk)
[4469d6b8b5] I am going full stack! I'm gon' go top to bottom. 100% asynchronus. Certified Organic. This is a cool little integrated world I'm creating. `DurableObject`s and message queues are going to be really fun to work on! (user: tags: trunk)
[d43024d870] There is nothing more beautiful! The love of friends, the love of family. Idiots doing dumb shit that doesn't make sense, together. We find lives whose shapes fit our own the best. Some shapes bring joy, others pleasure. The ones that touch us the most are the ones we can't see: the subtle resonances that make our lives sing. Our favorite shapes make our lives reverberate with passion and sing for joy. Implemented a lot of core machinery, rescued the namedtuples in `http` (thanks to git), and some other shit. I don't believe that errors are values. Exceptions are a great way to interact with unexpected changes in state. (Because thats what they're for) ... / / / All HTTP error states can be reached by raising an exception of the appropriate type. These are named after the standard error message, but the actual message that the client sees can be specified at invocation. I will love you forever. (user: tags: trunk)
[7cf5e54653] Oh shit! I have seen the unfathomable glory of the lord of darkness (jk). I'm just diggin on this chick. I'm also trying to figure out a good API. That `DurableObject()` concept is starting to seem harder to implement well than I expected. We'll see how that goes. I really like the conecpt of using generic datatypes for everything, but it might be a little tricky not to make things overly verbose. I used all of the whip-its.. (user: tags: trunk)
[de01f8f5d4] I think I have a concept! 1. All data should be stored in generic containers 2. Working with Tasks should be a core workflow 3. Boys and girls are opposite sides of the same sexy coin 4. Functions are better than Objects 5. Objects are useful 6. My heart is human 7. My blood is boiling 8. My brain IBM (user: tags: trunk)
[7901e580d9] Started working out a skeleton for the framework design As mentioned in the README, this is a very experimental project. I'm not really sure where its going to go or even how I'm going to implement most of it. One thing I'm trying is creating a tutorial app with an imaginary API. Hopefully this can give me enough of an idea to start building out all of the machinery needed to run said app. Unfortunately that means I wont be getting to the interesting stuff for a while. On the bright side, the interesting stuff is probably going to take longer to build than anything else. I'm very excited to see how well this idea ends up working! (user: tags: trunk)
[7ce0a00ee9] Added README.rst (user: tags: trunk)
[15cba43c32] Initial commit (user: tags: trunk)