English draughts for GEM

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English draughts for GEM 1.1

This is English draughts (also known as checkers) implementation for Digital
Research's GEM GUI for DOS on x86 architecture.

This program is licensed under the terms of European Public License, version
1.1 or later.

You can only play with CPU competitor, its engine is very simple, it just 
choses random valid move.

You can resize game's window, graphics are fully scalable.

Source is compatible with both using Borland Turbo C (which is available for
free from Embarcadero website) and with HI-TECH Software Pacific C (which is
also available for free, from ibiblio.org website).

For details on building see comments in appropriate makefile - MAKEFILE.TC
for Turbo C and MAKEFILE.PCC for Pacific C.

Copyright (c) 2013 Tomasz Konojacki

E-mail: me@xenu.tk
WWW: http://www.xenu.tk