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Wiki page [Whats here] by Ratte 2010-10-14 18:10:48.
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This is a test repository to test some of the problems
around importing vendor branches

What have i done:
  *   create an empty repository with public clone on<br>
  *  add some files to simulate a vendor branch initial checkin,
   this is  done using "fossil import"
  *  commiting the changes for the initial add in as branch<br>
   "fossil commit -m "initial vendor branch" --branch VENDOR"
  *  adding a tag to the initial vendor branch<br>
   "fossil tag add VENDOR_1 VENDOR "version 1.0""
  *  start development using trunk and merging the initial checkin:<br>
   "fossil update trung"<br>
   "fossil merge --cherrypick VENDOR_1"<br>
   "fossil commit -m development_start"
  *  changed readme an commit it as development.
  *  create a new vendor delivery set
  *  update to VENDOR_BRANCH, delete checkout files, copy new delivery files
     over the empty checkout tree<br>
     committing on branch and adding tag VENDOR_2
  *  update back to trunk
  *  merge using cherrypick with tag VENDOR_2
  *  commiting files on trunk

The result looks pretty fine, new files are added, deleted files are removed from the repository but stay in the source tree. They can be found using "fossil extra"

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