Update of "WST-Skin1"
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Artifact ID: 07ba83cabd50a41b4a27d00d80cf994a0d8ee76d
Page Name:WST-Skin1
Date: 2010-08-01 13:14:10
Original User: wst
Parent: 5853baa63645fb153113f4c3893fb2b43ea762f3

Skin 1

just a sample page to show the skin! css header and footer are changed! The css has different definitions for SCREEN and PRINTER!

feel free to use the skin, or add tickets/append wiki texts for your comments ;-) The fossil config exp skin file is available under files!

The display bug for the info table on the branch page is fixed (see the diffs in the skin.txt file).

Header 2


Header 3

nothing going

header 4

nothing going on
header 5
nothing going on here, but see the other page

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