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Converting to Named Entities (Newbie Question)
User & Date: tinus 2019-05-23 12:44:44

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    First of all, you shouldn't need to use named entities anymore nowadays, apart from &, <, > (and ' and " inside attributes). It's preferable to save your HTML document in UTF-8, and specify that as charset; either in the Content-Type header, or by specifying <meta charset="utf-8" /> at the top of the <head> section of your page. (UTF-8 supports all Unicode characters, therefore there is no need to escape them).

    However, if you really want named entities, then read on.

    I can think of two causes for the plugin not converting named entities:

    1. Your document could be set to be XML. XML does not support named entities (apart from those mentioned above), so the plugin doesn't use them. To get named entities, use Notepad++'s Language menu to choose HTML.

    2. The plugin can't find the file containing the entity definitions, HTMLTag-entities.ini.

    The plugin expects that file in its "Config" folder. You can check where that is located using the plugin's About window, via the Plugins menu, HTML Tag, About...

    Copy the file HTML-entities.ini, and paste it into the Config folder mentioned there.

    The file can be found at the following location: https://fossil.2of4.net/npp_htmltag/artifact?filename=dat/HTMLTag-entities.ini&ci=trunk Press the [Download] button on that page to download the file.

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