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Using plugin to convert HTML to UTF-8 (exceptions)
User & Date: anonymous 2019-05-01 01:19:58

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    I have used your plugin repeatedly during some five hours to convert a website consisting of more than one hundred pages from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8. My technique was to copy the editable part of each page, paste it into Notepad++, select all, press Ctrl+Shift+E to decode it, copy and paste the code back into Dreamweaver, and check my page. Sadly I could not automate the entire process and had to work by brute force.

    One very important thing I had to do prior to doing this was to modify file "HTMLTag-entities.ini" to exclude the following codes by adding a semicolon at the start of the lines:   " & < and &gt. This is essential because all my unbreakable spaces, to mention just this case, would no longer be visible in the code, which would lead to much time loss constantly checking if they are actually present. I am glad that I began by making some tests before processing the entire site.

    I am wondering if you could implement an option to disable these specific codes for those situations when one cannot convert all the way without consequences. I thank you in advance and congratulate you for this remarkable utility.

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