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Converting to Named Entities (Newbie Question)
User & Date: anonymous 2019-05-23 06:20:31

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    I'm pretty much an amateur here, so I beg your patience if this is an easy fix (hopefully it is).

    Is there a way to set HTML Tag so it converts all special characters to named entities only instead of the numeric code? (ex. For the copyright symbol, converting to “©” instead of “©”). I am using Notepad++ and HTML Tag to format Word documents for eBook formats (epub, etc), if that is of any relevance.

    As late as 2016, this plugin was converting all the characters to named entities without a hitch (and through no settings adjustments by me, as far as I’m aware…I wouldn’t even know the first thing to adjust). But after a two-year absence and installing Notepad and HTML Tag on a cleaned hard drive, the entity conversions are now showing up as mostly numbered entities (it seems like “&” shows up as “&”, which is the only named entity I’ve noticed thus far.)

    Upon noticing this change, I’ve fiddled around with a few settings to see if I could correct this on my own, but with no success as of yet, so I’m more than happy to uninstall everything and then reinstall Notepad and HTML along with any adjustments/suggestions you may have if need be.

    Thanks for your time (and for creating this in the first place, if you are the one who did!) and I hope to hear from you soon. Though I of course would like a remedy for my problem so I can continue my projects, I’m also now genuinely curious to know how this puzzle is solved. Any additional info you need from me, I’ll be happy to supply.

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