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Page Name:FAQ
Date: 2011-11-29 12:04:44
Original User: davidevans
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Q: Why don't you use GIT?

I find Fossil easier to understand. However, if you are a die-hard Git user it is possible to export a Fossil repository to Git using Fossil's export command.

Q: Why doesn't it build on Lion with the 10.7 SDK?

I don't yet have Lion or Xcode 4. You could try building Vienna for the Snow Leopard SDK with

make snowleopard

There are many warnings during compilation but the App does seem to work. I have not tested it very thoroughly as yet as I have been concentrating on getting the builds for Tiger and Leopard SDKs working.

Q: Why don't you use Xcode?

Oh, but I do. The Makefile calls on Xcodebuild to do the grunt work of building the app, I also use Xcode to edit the source and set up compilation options. Plus Interface Builder and the debugger.

Q: Why are the build products in a non-standard location?

The build products directory is two levels above the directory containing the Makefile. It's done like that to avoid clobbering the CodeSense index during a fossil clean. It also stops fossil clean asking if you want to delete hundreds of build products files.

There is a build directory within the Vienna directory. It contains a small file explaining where the real build products are now.