small Vienna logoGetting Started

Vole is extremely simple to use if you are familiar with Ameol, the official CIX off-line reader.

If you are migrating from Ameol to Vole and wish to bring across your Ameol database, follow these steps:

Exporting from Ameol

  1. It is recommended that you run Check on the Main folder before exporting to ensure that your database is stable. Select the Main folder at the root of the folder list then choose Check from the Folder menu. Select the Start button to run the check and allow it to complete.
  2. From Ameol, choose the Export command from the File menu and select CIX Scratchpad from the list of export formats.
  3. Enter a filename for the exported scratchpad file. You should include a path to a location from where Vole will eventually be able to import it. It is recommended that you do not export to a network share but instead export to your local hard disk and then later copy the file to the network share. Otherwise if the export takes a long time then any interruptions on the network will force you to start from scratch.
  4. In the Export What section, choose the root of the folder list ("Main") to export everything. Note that Vole will automatically skip your mail, news and local folders when importing since it does not support these.
  5. Ensure that the "Include message attributes" option is enabled to ensure that your message flags are preserved.
  6. Select the Save button to begin exporting from Ameol.

Importing into Vole

  1. In Vole, select the Import command from the File menu.
  2. In the file browser that then appears, find and select the Ameol scratchpad you exported in the above steps.
  3. Select the Open button to begin the import.

When the import has completed, you should have all your Ameol messages in your Vole database. You can now begin to use Vole.

Create Your Profile

If you already have a resume on CIX then Vole will attempt to retrieve it the first time you connect. After that you can review your resume from the Profile tab in the Preferences. It is recommended you keep your profile up to date regularly and provide a few simple details about yourself for other people.

Setting Preferences

Choose the Preferences command from the Vole menu to change your preferences to suit your style.