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Hotlinks are strings which can be entered into a message which you are posting. There are three types of hotlinks, one for messages, one for files and finally one for Internet Uniform Resource Locators. When the message appears in the conference, the user can speedily jump to the specified message, download the file or access the specified resource on the Internet.

In the definitions below, <number> is a number from 1 to infinity, <conference> is the name of a conference on Cix, <topic> is the name of a topic within that conference, and <filename> is the name of a file.

Selects message <number> in the current topic.

Selects message <number> in topic <topic> which is another topic of the current conference.

Same as above

Selects the first topic in the specified conference <conference>.

Selects the last message in the conference <conference>, topic <topic>.

Selects message <number> from topic <topic> in conference <conference>.This is the full form of the cix hotlink and is recommended even for messages within the current topic as messages are frequently copied to other conferences by other users. This full form is also generated by the Copy URL facility within the Edit Menu.

This is the cixfile hotlink to download file <filename> from topic <topic> in conference <conference>.


Internet URLs

Vole recognises 3 type of Internet URLs: http, https and mailto:

If the http or https URL is longer than 74 characters you should consider using a link shortening service such as Exactly how you do this is out of the scope of this document at the moment, but I may be persuaded to write about it in future. Once you have obtained your shortened URL you should post both the long and short forms.

Internet URL Examples