Vole was formerly known as Vienna or Vinkix.

If you already have Vienna-OLR or Vinkix installed, please make sure that you
have a copy of the zip file that you used to install it. This
file is probably named vt-1.6.0.zip or vt-1.6.1.zip or vt-1.6.2.zip and is
required in case you have to reinstall Vienna or Vole in the event
that Vole testing release does not work.

Quit out of Vienna-OLR or Vinkix if you have it running.

Now drag all instances of Vienna-OLR and Vinkix to the Trash. This is
important otherwise the apps will fight each other for control
of the cix: and cixfile: hotlinks. Use Finder if necessary
to find all instances of Vienna-OLR and Vinkix . You can leave instances
of Vienna-2 RSS reader where they are.


How to install Vole.

1.  Quit Vinkix or Vienna-OLR if you currently have it running. Then
    drag all instances of Vinkix and Vienna-OLR applications
    to the trash.

2.  Open a Finder window for your Applications folder. Select Icon view
    for the window.

3.  Drag Vole into your Applications folder. You may be
    asked if you wish to replace an existing copy. Click on Replace. 

The first time you use Vole to connect to CIX you will
probably be asked for your CIX password. Don't panic, this
is quite normal. Your password will be saved in your Login
Keychain Passwords under name Vole:CIX.

Please join the vienna (yes that is correct) conference on Cix to be
informed about new releases and bug fixes and to chat with your
fellow Vole users.