Release notes for version 1.6.2 (testing release)
(released 2011-12-05)

This is released to test the renaming of the application
from Vienna to Vinkix. It should only be installed by
those of you who like to be on the leading edge of
development and who would like to help out with testing.

Please read INSTALL.html in the zip file before installing,
especially regarding deleting old versions of Vienna.

I believe I have converted all the important references
to Vienna, but it is entirely possible that I have missed
some. If you spot an inadvertent reference to Vienna in a 
menu or window, please let me know in the /chatter topic.

Vinkix will now detect an attempt to start Vinkix if another
instance of Vinkix is already running.

Vinkix Help has now been updated to reflect the new name.

Release notes for version 1.6.1
(released 2011-11-19)

Vienna -> About Vienna box now displays a string (AA-YYYYMMDD)
where YYYYMMDD is the date Vienna was built,
and AA is a two letter code indicating the SDK used for the build,
where TG = Tiger, LP = Leopard, SL = Snow Leopard, LN = Lion, and
DV = Development (unspecified SDK)

Version 1.6.0 turned on fetching withdrawn messages. This exposed an
anomaly in the character count supplied by Cix, resulting in the next
message in the scratchpad not being parsed correctly. Rather than trying
to get Cix to change its system, instead I modified Vienna to cope.

Fixed some memory leaks introduced by a debugging session related to
font selection for messages which used message styles. There are
still some more memory leaks needing fixing, but they won't affect you
unless you don't have much memory and are leaving Vienna active
for days on end. The recommendation is to close Vienna down after each

Fixed a bug in the handling of Windows CP1252 characters that
are not in ISO-8859-1.

Upgrade SQLite3 to 3.7.9

Release notes for version 1.6.0
(released 2011-05-03)

"Set cix back one day" formerly resulted in malformed messages in
inactive topics. Now replaced "head skip to back 1" with
"skip to back 1". This means that full messages will be fetched
and large scratchpads may be produced.

Show Windows Characters menu option is now always ON. It never
seemed to do anything useful before.

Update to SQLite3 version  This is the database back-end.

Make sure we retain fonts so as to avert a crash on Leopard and
Snow Leopard versions. This did not seem to bother the Tiger version
for some unexplained reason.

Make sure not to prematurely release an object. This was causing a 
crash in messages which use styles. Only affected the Leopard and
Snow Leopard builds.

Fix the selectRow:byExtendingSelection system log message.

Fix a couple of system log messages. There are still a few left.

Set marketing version to 1.6.0.

Filter the undefined characters in Windows Code Page 1252 out of
messages. We turn them into question marks.

Convert all the uses of default character set (Mac OS Roman) to
use Windows CP1252.

When importing messages from a scratchpad, mark them as 'unread'.
Scratchpads which have been exported from Ameol or Vienna, which use
the !MF: convention at the start of each message, are not affected.
This is a possible candidate for a user option in a future version.

When blinking, retrieve all messages including those that have been
withdrawn by user, moderator or system manager. This could be a user
option in a later version.

Remove much of the deprecated API.

Update acronyms.lst, downloaded from CIX acronyms conference.

Fetch source from SourceForge for version 1.5.14