Release notes for version 1.6.16
(released 28-Dec-2015)

Last active date in the Browser window went missing on recent verions
of OS X. Rewrote the handling of dates to use the latest API. Fixed.
It will now display the date in the calendar set by System Preferences.
If you do change the calendar you might have to restart Vole for
the changes to take effect.

Used the latest API when logging system messages.

Rmoved a comma in the message number when displaying the main window.

Check for Updates message now explains how to stop the message
appearing on startup.

Release notes for Versions 1.6.13 and 1.6.14
This is just a collection of minor changes. Please
see the Fossil timeline for details.

Release notes for version 1.6.12
* This is released for testing the GUI on Tiger, Leopard, and
Snow Leopard systems after the Interface Builder files
were converted from nib to xib format.

Release notes for version 1.6.11

* Increased the Cosy 'opt term width' option to 30000
  to avoid inserting line feeds in the middle of long lines.
  Increased the size of various buffers in Vole.
  This should fix cix:vienna/bugs:68

* Implemented the Vole Status window which is accessed by
  Vole->Develop->Info About-Vole menu item.

* Fixed the upside-down icons in the Folder view. Also
  fixed some minor compiler warnings.

Release notes for version 1.6.10
Fixes since version 1.6.7

* Fix an exception when clicking on a blank line in
  the tasks window ( cix:vienna/bugs:49 )
  ( checkin: 3e254184d4 )

* Fix a crash on Mavericks due to a time format user preference
  now no longer existing. ( cix:vienna/bugs:61 )
  ( checkin: a9066fab21 )

* Fix an incorrect message list pane date display on Mavericks
  where only "Yesterday" and "Today" were being shown.
  ( cix:vienna/bugs:62 ) ( checkin: c802689ac1 )

Changes since 1.6.7

* Build for 64-bit processors.
* Update SQLite to 3.8.2.

Notes for versions 1.6.8 and 1.6.9
Versions 1.6.8 and 1.6.9 were never released.

Release notes for version 1.6.7 (option to use the Cix beta server)
(released 2013-10-15)

* Use CIX Beta server

The CIX Beta server can be used for connections. It is activated
by creating a file "volecixbeta" in the users home folder.
Remove this file to revert to using the normal server.

* The status message on connect is now shown for 5 seconds. It also
now shows which server Vole is connecting to.

Release note for version 1.6.6 (browser refresh, folder sort order)
(released 2013-06-14)

* Browser refresh

Fixed cix:vienna/bugs:40 
Refreshing the browser list no longer ends up with an empty

* Top level folders sort order

Fixed cix:vienna/bugs:44
CIX Conferences is now always the last folder.

Release notes for version 1.6.5 (acronyms, message posting)
(released 2013-05-29)

* Acronyms

The acronyms file is no longer built into the App, but is
now a separate download and install. Please see the announcement
in vienna/files.

This means we can update acronyms when required instead of having
to rebuild the App every time.

* Message posting

Some bugs in message posting have been fixed. This should cover 90%
of the reports of mis-posting and Vole hanging during a blink. If
you inadvertently post into a read-only topic, Vole will no longer hang.
I am still working on the other 10%.

* Minor stuff.

Some minor tweaks. SQLite3 updated to

Release notes for version 1.6.4 (minor changes)
(released 2012-10-15)

Space bar behaviour change: The space bar is used to scroll through
a long message. It will not take you to the next unread message at the
end of the current message. This is a temporary measure until I
can find out why the previous scrolling behaviour is broken. The Return
key can be used to go the next unread message.

The timeout for connections to Cix has been increased slightly.

A bug related to non-ASCII characters inserted into a Profile (resume)
has been fixed.

A bug in the Moderate -> Add new topic option has been fixed.

Some extra documents for the Help have been added.

Release notes for version 1.6.3 (rename to Vole)
(released 2012-07-09)

The application is now renamed to Vole, which will be the
final name (we hope).

Vole Help has been revised with new help added. Please
review the Help and let me know about typos, grammar, obscure
information etc. Please look at it from the POV of a new user.
This is a work-in-progress and more help will be added in the
coming weeks.

You can also review the latest Help using your Browser at
and scroll down to Latest Development.

Upgraded external software:

SQLite is now at version 3.7.14
2012-06-30 22:22:34 7fac56ed

The acronyms list is now at version ac_list304

Profile editing crash. FIXED (we hope).
Reported by ceebee at cix:vienna/chatter:2017

Online crash after a while. NOT FIXED.
Reported by ceebee at cix:vienna/chatter:2018

File downloading crashes if a download folder has
not been set in Preferences. NOT FIXED. Please work around
this by making sure you have a download folder specified in
Reported by jstrong at cix:vienna/chatter:2041

Release notes for version 1.6.2 (testing release)
(released 2011-12-05)

This is released to test the renaming of the application
from Vienna to Vinkix. It should only be installed by
those of you who like to be on the leading edge of
development and who would like to help out with testing.

Please read INSTALL.html in the zip file before installing,
especially regarding deleting old versions of Vienna.

I believe I have converted all the important references
to Vienna, but it is entirely possible that I have missed
some. If you spot an inadvertent reference to Vienna in a 
menu or window, please let me know in the /chatter topic.

Vinkix will now detect an attempt to start Vinkix if another
instance of Vinkix is already running.

Vinkix Help has now been updated to reflect the new name.

Release notes for version 1.6.1
(released 2011-11-19)

Vienna -> About Vienna box now displays a string (AA-YYYYMMDD)
where YYYYMMDD is the date Vienna was built,
and AA is a two letter code indicating the SDK used for the build,
where TG = Tiger, LP = Leopard, SL = Snow Leopard, LN = Lion, and
DV = Development (unspecified SDK)

Version 1.6.0 turned on fetching withdrawn messages. This exposed an
anomaly in the character count supplied by Cix, resulting in the next
message in the scratchpad not being parsed correctly. Rather than trying
to get Cix to change its system, instead I modified Vienna to cope.

Fixed some memory leaks introduced by a debugging session related to
font selection for messages which used message styles. There are
still some more memory leaks needing fixing, but they won't affect you
unless you don't have much memory and are leaving Vienna active
for days on end. The recommendation is to close Vienna down after each

Fixed a bug in the handling of Windows CP1252 characters that
are not in ISO-8859-1.

Upgrade SQLite3 to 3.7.9

Release notes for version 1.6.0
(released 2011-05-03)

"Set cix back one day" formerly resulted in malformed messages in
inactive topics. Now replaced "head skip to back 1" with
"skip to back 1". This means that full messages will be fetched
and large scratchpads may be produced.

Show Windows Characters menu option is now always ON. It never
seemed to do anything useful before.

Update to SQLite3 version  This is the database back-end.

Make sure we retain fonts so as to avert a crash on Leopard and
Snow Leopard versions. This did not seem to bother the Tiger version
for some unexplained reason.

Make sure not to prematurely release an object. This was causing a 
crash in messages which use styles. Only affected the Leopard and
Snow Leopard builds.

Fix the selectRow:byExtendingSelection system log message.

Fix a couple of system log messages. There are still a few left.

Set marketing version to 1.6.0.

Filter the undefined characters in Windows Code Page 1252 out of
messages. We turn them into question marks.

Convert all the uses of default character set (Mac OS Roman) to
use Windows CP1252.

When importing messages from a scratchpad, mark them as 'unread'.
Scratchpads which have been exported from Ameol or Vienna, which use
the !MF: convention at the start of each message, are not affected.
This is a possible candidate for a user option in a future version.

When blinking, retrieve all messages including those that have been
withdrawn by user, moderator or system manager. This could be a user
option in a later version.

Remove much of the deprecated API.

Update acronyms.lst, downloaded from CIX acronyms conference.

Fetch source from SourceForge for version 1.5.14