How to install Vole.

Note: if you are using Vienna or Vinkix, please see below.

1.  Quit Vole if it is currently running. Also quit Vinkix and Vienna
    if they are running.

2.  Open a Finder window for your favourite Applications folder. This
    is usually  /Applications, but Vole can also quite happily run
    from an Applications folder in your Home folder.
    Select Icon view for the Finder window.

3.  Drag Vole into your Applications folder. You may be
    asked if you wish to replace an existing copy. If that
    happens, click on Replace. 

The first time you use Vole to connect to CIX you will
probably be asked for your CIX user name and password. Don't panic, this
is quite normal. Your password will be saved in your Login
Keychain Passwords under name Vole:CIX.

Please join the vienna (yes that is correct) conference on Cix to be
informed about new releases and bug fixes and to chat with your
fellow Vole users.

Note for Vienna users.
There are two Vienna apps available. Vienna-1 is the predecessor to Vole.
Vienna-2 is a reader for RSS and Atom feeds only. You can delete
any copies of Vienna-1 on your system. Vienna-1 has the same icon as

Note for Vinkix users.
Vinkix is a predecessor to Vole. You can delete Vinkix from your system.